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Client: Northrop Grumman
Location: Azusa, CA

DCA Civil Engineering Group provided Mapping, Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Services for the 10 Acre Parcel of Land at Northrop Grumman site on Adelante Street. 

Services provide include: 
Research existing public records pertinent to the site for zoning, utilities, mapping and easement information, preliminary engineering study for the site to determine development constraints, field boundary/topography survey of the site to include mapping of all utilities and easements, survey was prepared to ALTA Minimum Standards so that it could be used at a future date for sale of the property, preliminary layout scheme for three sites showing building footprint and required parking and access, prepare a lot line adjustment package for submittal/approval to the City of Azusa. Package to included the application, legal descriptions and maps, coordinate with City for finalization/recoordination of the lot line adjustment.

North Grumman, Adelante Street



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